Tuesday, March 3, 2009

2) creation

  • re-recorded sound on h4 that originally was too short and varied too much to be looped or copied and blended to make a longer repitition.
  • recorded sound with h4.
  • (yesterday) within five minutes of beginning to work on jone's monologue with various signal processors to cleanup tape hiss and other sound quality issues had audio drop out and sonar freeze up. backed-up work but when reopened dialogue box said the project was suddenly incompatible with the version of sonar I was using. pulled copy of the project from external hard drive backup and then imported tracks I had worked on since last back-up (1-27). the audio files could still be retrieved through audio folder even though the project was inaccessible. about one and one half hours to reconstruct the project, leaving that much less time to get work done on it.