Saturday, September 28, 2013


Four and one-half years...
408 posts... the last month the creative efforts have soaked through and become movements of long toil with no immediate piecemeal element to be included on this artifact log.  The daily accounting missing the waves accumulating and gaining sea change dimensions.  Who charts tidal shifts with handfuls of bathwater?

Today, in beginning unabridged audio version of The Pale King by David Foster Wallace, a correlating exchange from the Editor's note at the start of it all.  The Editor trying to have some progress reports on David Foster Wallace's new novel (that will become the Pale King) and his attendance at anniversary celebrations of Infinite Jest in the coming months.

David Foster Wallace will kill himself soon enough, the novel will be assembled by the Editor, and this trajectory entails noncommittal attitude towards the Editor.  But at this moment, he is working.

"You know I'll come if you insist, but please don't.  I'm deep into something long and it's hard for me to get back into it when I'm pulled away."

A perfect quote for me as I trail out along the fence posts, cloud hidden, whereabouts unknown...